National Panel Systems, Inc. was formed in January, 1997 and serves the Architectural Metal Wall Panel industry NPS is a Platinum Level Centria dealer and operates as a nationwide erector of metal wall panel systems. NPS offers a wide variety of products including insulated metal panels, metal composite panels, zinc panel systems, aluminum and stainless plate panels, louvers, sunshades and custom offerings.  The company has a long history of high quality service within the industry dating back to the mid 1970’s when it operated as Southwestern Materials and Supply, a subsidiary of E. G. Smith Construction Products.  A series of mergers in the mid 1990’s eventually combined E.G. Smith Construction, Steelite and H.H. Robertson, forming Centria, Inc. Centria management made a strategic decision in October of 1996 to concentrate on manufacturing, creating an opportunity for the managers of the construction operations to purchase the assets and continue the installation business as a new company - NATIONAL PANEL SYSTEMS, Inc.

NATIONAL PANEL SYSTEMS Inc. (NPS) is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA and operates out of two office/warehouse locations – the Knoxville, TN area and the Dallas, TX area.
The company operates with a management team that has a combined total of over 100 years of construction management experience in the metal panel industry. 

Ken Kendrick is President.  Ken has over 25 years of experience with H. H. Robertson, Southwestern Materials and Supply, E. G. Smith Construction Products, Smith Steelite and CENTRIA.  Ken is a Business graduate of Indiana University and has been working out of the Dallas area in Construction since 1981.

Laura Brunner handles all company Administrative functions from our Pittsburgh Office. Laura has over 30 years of experience with E.G. Smith Construction Products, Smith Steelite and CENTRIA.

Jeff Wynn manages all Eastern Region Projects and has over 25 years of Project Superintendent Experience with Southwestern, E.G. Smith Construction Products, Smith Steelite and CENTRIA.

Keith Kendrick manages Estimating and Preconstruction services in our Dallas area office. Keith is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.

Justin Rouch provides Project Management services for all Western region projects out of the Dallas area office. Justin is a graduate of Georgia Tech.

Mike Buckner provides additional Project Management and Estimating support out of the Dallas area office.

NATIONAL PANEL SYSTEMS’s most valuable asset is the highly skilled workforce it employs on all company projects.  With ten Major Project Superintendents, 20 Crew Leaders, and another 40 skilled trade workers - many with over 20 years of experience in the industry, NPS is capable of installing any type of wall project with a very high level of - Quality, Safety, and On Schedule.

The company also has a large inventory of high quality construction equipment including:

  • 1 9000 Series GMC Flatbed Truck
  • 2 RO “Stinger” Truck Cranes
  • 6 Koering “Skytrack” Highlift Forklifts
  • 20 “Hi-Lo” Powered Swingstage Scaffolds
  • 2 “Hi-Lo” Modular Swingstage Scaffolds
This combination of management experience, field construction experience, and extensive equipment availability makes NATIONAL PANEL SYSTEMS a logical choice in handling all of your wall and roof panel requirements.  Please visit our “Project Reference” tab for a brief listing of some of the major projects completed (or under construction) by company personnel over the last ten years.